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5 week course with teaching artist Michelle Sertz Scully

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THE GREEN BRUSH art studio

64 Rue de la Venerie

1170 Brussels

9:30am - 11:30am
starting Sept 26 - O
ct 24

Watercolor can be intimidating.  It has transparent qualities and a fluid, unpredictable nature making it hard to control.  This class will give you the understanding and practice you need to see that those are, in fact, the same qualities that will open and strengthen your creativity.

We will embrace the meditative powers of watercolor and focus on process over perfection while giving you the foundational skills needed to start your own watercolor process.  You will learn about the medium, practice skills, create hand-sewn watercolor sketchbooks, discuss color theory, and much more. The course will culminate in the creation of your own set of hand-painted notecards.


Come spend a few hours each week understanding, practicing, experimenting, and building your creative confidence by painting with watercolor.


All tools and supplies provided!

Have your own paints and/or brushes? 

Bring them!  This course is a great opportunity to get to know your paints!


Interested in having your own paints and/or brushes?

Don't buy anything before the class.  Come and experiment before you decide what to buy!

We will discuss the all the different types of supplies and, if I have some available, I will have the supplies we use during the class available for purchase.

Watercolor  Confidence
9:30am - 11:30am

starting Sept 26 - Oct 24

€200 paid in full on Sept 26 (€25 savings)
paid per class

Cash or Bank Transfer only, if you please.

Sign Up

Write:  "I'd like to reserve a seat!  - your name"

You will receive a reply with confirmation within 48 hours.

Subject to availability.  Limited to 10 participants. 

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