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For those who share their lives with beloved pets, you know that your dog is more than just a companion; they hold a special place in your life and heart, bringing joy and creating cherished memories that form an unbreakable bond.


Capture that connection in a tangible and lasting way that goes beyond photographs. I offer custom pet portraits, providing a unique opportunity to preserve the essence of your cherished pup, their individual character, and the precious moments you've shared together.


We will discuss the selected photographs you send so that I can truly understand your four-legged friend's personality and significance in your life. By gathering relevant details and personal stories, my aim is to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art that encapsulates the spirit of your beloved pet, reflecting the deep emotions and connections you share with them.


Let's get started today to create an amazing piece of art featuring your dog!

Custom Dog Portrait

PriceFrom €545.00
Sales Tax Included
  • How to

    Please email with photo images of the home you would like drawn before purchasing and I am happy to discuss the best option for your budget and framing needs! 

  • Live in Brussels? Pay in cash with Hand Delivery!

    If you live in the Brussels metro region it might be possible to skip the shipping costs and, instead, pay cash in person with your artwork hand delivered.  To find out more about this option, email me at , write Hand Delivery Request in the subject line, and note the art you are hoping to purchase!

  • Time Frame

    Every piece starts with a blank piece of paper and is drawn by hand,  which takes care, patience and... time.  I try to have most pieces finished within 2 months of purchase.  If you need your finished piece in less than 2 months please contact me to discuss the option for a rushed delivery which comes with an additional fee.

  • Size

    This listing is for an image that is approx 6 x 9inches on an A4 size paper.  If you are interested in a larger piece, please contact me!

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