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terms & conditions


When purchasing a digital download, your payment is for the digital files.  No physical item will be shipped to you. Download link is available after purchase (or subscription). 
Digital products are not eligible for refund based on the nature of digital files. However if you are unhappy in any way with your purchase please contact me. I am here to help and I want you to be happy with your purchase!


⤐ You can use my resources in unlimited personal projects. Personal use means it is not to be used for profit or commercial gain. These projects usually have a very limited audience, say, for a personal party invite, a decal on a handmade gift, or printed wall art, etc.

⤐ Commercial or for-profit use is intended for promotional, marketing or advertising a service, person or business (i.e. within a logo or on packaging). For uses outside of these, please contact me for licensing options. Small Commercial Use License WITH CREDIT up to 250 prints/uses. See below.


⤐⤐ ✅ Small Commercial Use License up to 250 impressions/sales (example 250 invitations, 250 coffee cups ) WITH CREDIT (example: Graphics by Uprooted.Design, www.Uprooted.Design or You can use my files for yourself or on behalf of a client. Does NOT include high production or mass production use.

⤐⤐ ✅ For Small Commercial Use up to 250 impressions without credit you MUST use my files/drawings/designs/resources IN COMBINATION with other design elements to form an original design. ⤐⤐⤐Your design must be SIGNIFICANTLY DIFFERENT to the original meaning that it required time and skill to produce the final design.
If the main value of the final produced product is my files/drawings/designs/resources, please contact me for commercial licensing. I am always open to partnerships!

⤐⤐❌ You MAY NOT use my files/drawings/designs/resources to make other DIGITAL products FOR SALE as in for online purchase and download.
⤐⤐❌ You MAY NOT use my files/drawings/designs/resources to make products FOR SALE with 'Print on Demand' services or the like [ also called 'Download on Demand', 'Made/Make to Order', or 'Create on Demand' services, etc]
⤐⤐❌ No redistribution
⤐⤐❌ No sharing files
⤐⤐❌ No reselling original files
⤐⤐❌ No claiming copyright or trademark designs containing my resources
⤐⤐❌ No claiming designs as your own
⤐⤐❌ No image tracing
⤐⤐❌ No sub-liscensing

Please read policies carefully.

©Uprooted LLC 2022. Copyright remains with Uprooted LLC after purchase.

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